Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Win!!!

So you can tell for the title i got my first win of the year actually its the first career win! So look here there is not much to say about a win in the 4's but you know what I did it Bitches! This is only the beginning.

So the whole goal today was to just hang in on the first lap and make sure that I wasn't out of the top 5. Well that worked out well for me. I lead the whole race. As i crossed the line on the first lap I had a gap of around 10 seconds maybe. Actually I had a gap after the first barrier. After i remounted from the barrier my teammate Bil was shouting at me to hit it down the asphalt, so that's what i did. Then the race was smooth sailing from their. My gap keep going up and I just rode away form the two that were chasing me.

So follows are some pics of me during the race. As you can tell I was way out front!

Passing some lapped riders Sorry guys keep up the good work!

After looking at this picture I can see that I need to work on caring my bike! Greg I need more practice! Just gotta keep telling my self NO SUITE CASING!

Check out the prize package that I won. Not too bad for a cross race! Some new Beer pint Glasses from Bristol Brewing and Rudy Project Glasses!

Well til next week my friends when I should be a 3. Sent the email this evening to the ACA letting them know that I have plenty enough points to up grade. Seeing as two of the guys that I beat on Saturday are now 3's it my turn.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Race 1 In The Books

So this past weekend was the first race of the year. You bet you asses bitches that I was so stoked to finally get out and put the smack down on some bitches. So here is the preview. Breck 10,000 feet. I train at 5,280 feet. Yea that like 5k in difference. Not so good for us front rangers that don't get to train at high altitude. The course was super short and fast with lots of barriers and running. My whole goal for this race was to get my legs under me. As I was sitting on the start line I was thinking to my self who here is going to challenge me today? As I'm looking around I see some guys from last year that I also know a jonesing for some cross racing. I just have to keep thinking to my self that I have trained harder than all the guys out here. So I got the sick whole shot and kept it up from their. By the time I hit the first barrier I already had a lead of around 15 seconds. Then to the massive run up. Some spectators had no idea that we had started so on the first lap i got no cheering. Bummer when you know you are so far ahead. So the second time around I already had around a 30+ second lead on everyone and go some massive cheers. Good to see the fans finally come around to help my ass up the climb. On the next lap on the run up i had one fan ask me to slow down to make it a race. When he said it I was thinking "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This is my race!" So that ass made me go harder which fucked up everything for me. Going into one of the sketchy corners i washed out and their went my lead. About a lap and a half later I was joined by another guy which we worked together for a lap or two when once again i fucked up the same corner. Can you say by to 1st? I sure did. I was then joined by a guy on a mtn bike for a lap til he hopped the barriers. So I said good by to him you have no idea how much time you can make up when you hop the barriers. so i trailed him for a little while. Going into the last lap i was right on him then came the barriers. Can you say peace out? For as much time as he made up by jumping the barriers i think that I need to learn the trade. But up the final climb he made the final error of slowing down on the final climb and i was closing on him. I almost caught him on the line. So I ended up 3rd. Not too bad for the first race. I'm happy with my fitness. I think that the guy that won was a pro tri-athlete and second was a pro mountain biker. Sandbagging bitches. Well now on to next weekend the Springs and Foothills Cross. No more high altitude! welcome to my home course bitches! You better be ready!