Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Win!!!

So you can tell for the title i got my first win of the year actually its the first career win! So look here there is not much to say about a win in the 4's but you know what I did it Bitches! This is only the beginning.

So the whole goal today was to just hang in on the first lap and make sure that I wasn't out of the top 5. Well that worked out well for me. I lead the whole race. As i crossed the line on the first lap I had a gap of around 10 seconds maybe. Actually I had a gap after the first barrier. After i remounted from the barrier my teammate Bil was shouting at me to hit it down the asphalt, so that's what i did. Then the race was smooth sailing from their. My gap keep going up and I just rode away form the two that were chasing me.

So follows are some pics of me during the race. As you can tell I was way out front!

Passing some lapped riders Sorry guys keep up the good work!

After looking at this picture I can see that I need to work on caring my bike! Greg I need more practice! Just gotta keep telling my self NO SUITE CASING!

Check out the prize package that I won. Not too bad for a cross race! Some new Beer pint Glasses from Bristol Brewing and Rudy Project Glasses!

Well til next week my friends when I should be a 3. Sent the email this evening to the ACA letting them know that I have plenty enough points to up grade. Seeing as two of the guys that I beat on Saturday are now 3's it my turn.

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