Friday, December 14, 2007

Seasons Over!

So its been like 3 months since that last time that i posted anything on my blog. So here is a little overview of my season since the last post.

So it been a super long season. with upgrading and racing ever weekend to getting and finding a new job and losing my best friends i cant wait to unwind a little.

So here is my report for Nationals!

First we must start with the weather. Get to the race at 8am to pre-ride the course with Simon. Get to the parking lot see that their is a sheet of ice an inch thick on everything! Get all kitted up with just about everthing that i have. Here is a little of what i wore to warm up. Base layer, Cold weather Under armor, thermal, skin suite, leg warmers, 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, and a thermal jacket and i was still f*ing cold.

Pre-rode the course for the 45 minutes that it was open befor they closed it for the woman's race. Get out on course its a super long 3.5k course with two barriers and two stair sections. The course was surper Icy. Like i said everthing had 2 inches of ice on it. So i prep myself for a race simlar to States. All i can tell you is that that went out the door.

So my starting postion was stellar. 2nd row on the outside. Get all lined up and the ref is going over last minute insructions. then the wistle blows, were off.

Get an awesome start on the outside and kill it up the hill so that i can be one of the first to the first corner. Plan one be in the top 10 going to the first corner. DONE. Get to the first corner 5th then we roll down the grass to a tree section while pre riding i noticed it was Super Icy on the inside of the turn so I chose to hit the outside and roll up on the leaders. Going into the corner im to the outside when ass hole number 1 comes barreling into the corner and has no clus their is ice. So he goes down right in front of me. Crash number 1 for Steve. OTB. Around 10-12 guys roll by so i get untangled and get my ass on the bike to start up again. We eventually did 4 laps and ended up 21st. Im happy with my finish for my first Nationals. I'll get it next year.

And a hugh congrats goes out to Simon Alexander and Matt Opperman for the 3rd and 4th place finish in the 30-39 mens B race.

Til next time.

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Bolivar said...

You rode better then you thought my man! Great travelin with ya, glad you decided to show up and put your wheels on the start line. Keep the love for the game, hone your craft and eat at the Hereford House!