Saturday, February 23, 2008


Thanks Guys for filling my Inbox. Its always a joy to come back home and check you email to over 100 emails. So this is for you I'm updating my blog.

So I just got back from Phoenix and can I tell you that its nice to be back home. Riding in Phoenix is kinda like riding scared shit less. Your not sure if the guys in the Cadillac's are going to take you out. Riding mountain bikes didn't make it any better seeing as Colin was on a single speed and can't ride over 15 mph. But anyway it was a good trip other than the 45 degree day with rain and getting lost in South Mountain for 5 hours. And let me tell you this South Mountain is no mountain its a glorified hill. Here are some pictures of our adventure to Phoenix.

Cold and Rain.

Colin killing it on the Single Speed.

Monday, January 21, 2008

29'er is in Effect

So I finally got her. Check out my newest ride. Fisher X-Cal. This thing is bad ass. Just wish it would warm up a little so I can take her out and break her in before heading to Phoenix. Here are some of the Pic's I took of her. Lots of White Sex as Keller puts it.

White Grips? I had to do it!

Also got some new Shoes these puppies are sick light.

Check back in a bit for a review! Lets all just pray that it gets a little warmer.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Training Has Started.

So toady was the first of some really long training days ahead. Meet up with Simon and Joey for a little climbing. All I have to say if that these boys are strong.
After Simon in my ear finally got my ass in gear and contacted some coaches to see what kind of programs they can offer me. So far I'm looking at going with the one and only Mike Carter. The dude seems to know what hes doing. I worked a little with Mike last year at the start of the year. I have to say that his program worked. I'm excited to see where this year will take me. More to come in the next week.
Next on the list of training Feb rides in Phoenix.
Plan for this year:
Upgrade to cat 3 on road
Have a strong Cross season
Do well in some MTN bike races.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Seasons Over!

So its been like 3 months since that last time that i posted anything on my blog. So here is a little overview of my season since the last post.

So it been a super long season. with upgrading and racing ever weekend to getting and finding a new job and losing my best friends i cant wait to unwind a little.

So here is my report for Nationals!

First we must start with the weather. Get to the race at 8am to pre-ride the course with Simon. Get to the parking lot see that their is a sheet of ice an inch thick on everything! Get all kitted up with just about everthing that i have. Here is a little of what i wore to warm up. Base layer, Cold weather Under armor, thermal, skin suite, leg warmers, 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, and a thermal jacket and i was still f*ing cold.

Pre-rode the course for the 45 minutes that it was open befor they closed it for the woman's race. Get out on course its a super long 3.5k course with two barriers and two stair sections. The course was surper Icy. Like i said everthing had 2 inches of ice on it. So i prep myself for a race simlar to States. All i can tell you is that that went out the door.

So my starting postion was stellar. 2nd row on the outside. Get all lined up and the ref is going over last minute insructions. then the wistle blows, were off.

Get an awesome start on the outside and kill it up the hill so that i can be one of the first to the first corner. Plan one be in the top 10 going to the first corner. DONE. Get to the first corner 5th then we roll down the grass to a tree section while pre riding i noticed it was Super Icy on the inside of the turn so I chose to hit the outside and roll up on the leaders. Going into the corner im to the outside when ass hole number 1 comes barreling into the corner and has no clus their is ice. So he goes down right in front of me. Crash number 1 for Steve. OTB. Around 10-12 guys roll by so i get untangled and get my ass on the bike to start up again. We eventually did 4 laps and ended up 21st. Im happy with my finish for my first Nationals. I'll get it next year.

And a hugh congrats goes out to Simon Alexander and Matt Opperman for the 3rd and 4th place finish in the 30-39 mens B race.

Til next time.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Win!!!

So you can tell for the title i got my first win of the year actually its the first career win! So look here there is not much to say about a win in the 4's but you know what I did it Bitches! This is only the beginning.

So the whole goal today was to just hang in on the first lap and make sure that I wasn't out of the top 5. Well that worked out well for me. I lead the whole race. As i crossed the line on the first lap I had a gap of around 10 seconds maybe. Actually I had a gap after the first barrier. After i remounted from the barrier my teammate Bil was shouting at me to hit it down the asphalt, so that's what i did. Then the race was smooth sailing from their. My gap keep going up and I just rode away form the two that were chasing me.

So follows are some pics of me during the race. As you can tell I was way out front!

Passing some lapped riders Sorry guys keep up the good work!

After looking at this picture I can see that I need to work on caring my bike! Greg I need more practice! Just gotta keep telling my self NO SUITE CASING!

Check out the prize package that I won. Not too bad for a cross race! Some new Beer pint Glasses from Bristol Brewing and Rudy Project Glasses!

Well til next week my friends when I should be a 3. Sent the email this evening to the ACA letting them know that I have plenty enough points to up grade. Seeing as two of the guys that I beat on Saturday are now 3's it my turn.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Race 1 In The Books

So this past weekend was the first race of the year. You bet you asses bitches that I was so stoked to finally get out and put the smack down on some bitches. So here is the preview. Breck 10,000 feet. I train at 5,280 feet. Yea that like 5k in difference. Not so good for us front rangers that don't get to train at high altitude. The course was super short and fast with lots of barriers and running. My whole goal for this race was to get my legs under me. As I was sitting on the start line I was thinking to my self who here is going to challenge me today? As I'm looking around I see some guys from last year that I also know a jonesing for some cross racing. I just have to keep thinking to my self that I have trained harder than all the guys out here. So I got the sick whole shot and kept it up from their. By the time I hit the first barrier I already had a lead of around 15 seconds. Then to the massive run up. Some spectators had no idea that we had started so on the first lap i got no cheering. Bummer when you know you are so far ahead. So the second time around I already had around a 30+ second lead on everyone and go some massive cheers. Good to see the fans finally come around to help my ass up the climb. On the next lap on the run up i had one fan ask me to slow down to make it a race. When he said it I was thinking "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This is my race!" So that ass made me go harder which fucked up everything for me. Going into one of the sketchy corners i washed out and their went my lead. About a lap and a half later I was joined by another guy which we worked together for a lap or two when once again i fucked up the same corner. Can you say by to 1st? I sure did. I was then joined by a guy on a mtn bike for a lap til he hopped the barriers. So I said good by to him you have no idea how much time you can make up when you hop the barriers. so i trailed him for a little while. Going into the last lap i was right on him then came the barriers. Can you say peace out? For as much time as he made up by jumping the barriers i think that I need to learn the trade. But up the final climb he made the final error of slowing down on the final climb and i was closing on him. I almost caught him on the line. So I ended up 3rd. Not too bad for the first race. I'm happy with my fitness. I think that the guy that won was a pro tri-athlete and second was a pro mountain biker. Sandbagging bitches. Well now on to next weekend the Springs and Foothills Cross. No more high altitude! welcome to my home course bitches! You better be ready!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cross Bike Complete

So it finally completed! Here is a little taste of what I will be rocking this season! Some bike porn for everyone! So here there you go suckas!

The fork Alpha Q CX

Also decked out on the bike SRAM Rival with a single ring 42 with double guards.

That's right Bitches Gotta rock you name on your bike! So what have you been doing to get ready for cross? As you all should know by now its only about a week away! Brecktoberfest next Sunday the 9th. Also got some new pedals not too sure about them yet, but one thing is that I know I'll be able to get back into them after running in the sand.

Total bike weight is around 18 pounds. Trying to get the tyre situation nailed down. For now I'll be rocking some Maxxis Raze. So far they seem good in the grass and mud but haven't really ridden too much on hard pack.

See you all tomorrow morning for the boulder ride. Out til next time.