Saturday, February 23, 2008


Thanks Guys for filling my Inbox. Its always a joy to come back home and check you email to over 100 emails. So this is for you I'm updating my blog.

So I just got back from Phoenix and can I tell you that its nice to be back home. Riding in Phoenix is kinda like riding scared shit less. Your not sure if the guys in the Cadillac's are going to take you out. Riding mountain bikes didn't make it any better seeing as Colin was on a single speed and can't ride over 15 mph. But anyway it was a good trip other than the 45 degree day with rain and getting lost in South Mountain for 5 hours. And let me tell you this South Mountain is no mountain its a glorified hill. Here are some pictures of our adventure to Phoenix.

Cold and Rain.

Colin killing it on the Single Speed.

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