Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cross Bike Complete

So it finally completed! Here is a little taste of what I will be rocking this season! Some bike porn for everyone! So here there you go suckas!

The fork Alpha Q CX

Also decked out on the bike SRAM Rival with a single ring 42 with double guards.

That's right Bitches Gotta rock you name on your bike! So what have you been doing to get ready for cross? As you all should know by now its only about a week away! Brecktoberfest next Sunday the 9th. Also got some new pedals not too sure about them yet, but one thing is that I know I'll be able to get back into them after running in the sand.

Total bike weight is around 18 pounds. Trying to get the tyre situation nailed down. For now I'll be rocking some Maxxis Raze. So far they seem good in the grass and mud but haven't really ridden too much on hard pack.

See you all tomorrow morning for the boulder ride. Out til next time.


Greg said...

Dude. I think I'm your first comment. Ha! Nice bike, homie! It came out great.

cbo said...

Oh man look at that machine, no muss and no fuss. You are so there.